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Staying active and keeping an online presence on Instagram can be difficult.

There are days I don’t post because I get too busy or the engagement rate for that day on my account is low or simply because I don’t have content to share (we have all been there!)However, every day you are inactive on Instagram has a negative affect on your account for two reasons:

         1. Your current followers may start to forget about you or lose interest in your content.

          2. Because you are not being active on Instagram and engaging with people, potential followers will not discover your account due to the algorithm minimizing your posts.

How do you stay relevant and connected even when there is a lack of content to provide?

The answer: Instagram Stories.

The best thing about IG Stories is that they show up at the very top of both your news feed and the explorer page! This is the easiest way to stay connected to your followers and bring in new followers on a daily basis.

As to the order in which Instagram shows Stories in the explore tab, they seem to favour accounts that use Stories often and well, so be sure you’re giving Instagram the opportunity to promote yours.

So the question is, how do you gain followers with Instagram Stories?  

  • Watch other accounts on Instagram stories. As I mentioned above, Instagram tends to share accounts on the explorer page that use stories often. “Use”, which means posting stories on your own account as well as watching other account’s stories on a daily basis! So don’t just post Instagram stories, watch them too! This is a community and you only giving content and not absorbing it does not help anyone.
  • Post stories every couple of hours. Instagram Stories show up at the top of both your news feed and the explorer page! This means that new users will be able to discover your account just from you posting stories. The more you post stories, the more they will appear on the explorer page, and the more followers you will get because more people are seeing your content every hour/day.
  • Use the location tag. Whenever you tag a location (under stickers) in your Instagram Story, it will show up in that specific location’s stories. For example, when I visited the V&A Waterfront, I tagged the place V&A in my stories. As a result, over 200 random people saw them on the V&A Waterfront’s location stories. Those are 200 additional people that have now discovered @bravo_social_media and may decide to follow.
  • Use hashtags. Similar to the location tag, when you use a hashtag in your Instagram Story, it has the opportunity to show up on that specific hashtag’s story. You can use up to 10 hashtags per story and I would recommend using them all. The more hashtags you use, the more chance you’ll have of someone new seeing it. You might be thinking, “But won’t all those hashtags distract from the story itself?”. Here’s a little trick to hide those story hashtags: Once you write out the hashtag, you can control how large or small the font is with the tool on the left side of the screen. However, if you want to make it smaller, just hold two fingers around the hashtag and move the fingers closer together on the screen. You can make the hashtag microscopic so no one will see it. Then use the different text colors to try to match it with the background of the story. You do this by tapping the paint icon and then dragging it across the background until you find a colour that will make the hashtag inconspicuous.

I hope this helps explain the importance of being relevant and keeping your online presence strong. This is exactly why services like ours are important. You get to live your day-to-day life and we engage and make sure your account is being as active on Instagram as possible.

Posted on April 8, 2019 in Educational

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